Lyon, France

Lyon is a beautiful city just south of Paris. There you can find amazing food, beautiful streets and great shopping. I only spent a few days in the city but saw so many amazing things. I arrived in the evening time by train (which is 2hrs from Paris) on a Saturday night and left on…

The Napa Valley

Growing up in the Napa Valley was a love hate relationship. The beauty here is beyond amazing, but I feel like you don’t really appreciate it until you’re of age ( if you catch my drift 😉 ) Today I played tourist and wanted to share with you some of the beauty of my hometown….


I knew from a young age I wanted more then to build someone else’s dream. I started working at 16 years old, by 19 I was making thousands a month with affiliate marketing until it ended in a pyramid scheme shut down (then started waitressing) I wish I was as self-taught as I am now….

San Francisco 

Growing up just 45 minutes from San Francisco was a true blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have known that as a kid but as an adult I am in awe by it. I love most everything about it from the people to the food just basically how it’s a melting pot for anything and everything….

Horshoe Bend

Sometimes you just need a little getaway. Am I right!? I recently moved to Arizona and have yet to explore all it has to offer, as of right now I’m dying from the heat at 118F but when you need to get away you do, so today I took off to Horseshoe bend and brought…

Viva la Mexico

Mexico started out as any vacation would. You land and head straight for food and drinks. I headed to La Parilla located in the heart of Cancun. The food was amazing and the drinks were even better. Next stop Playa Del Carmen. In Playa Del Carmen I hit the Airbnb, then headed straight back out….

Don’t BELIZE it.

Recently in February, i headed to Belize. Upon arrival, we stayed in Belize City. I was in awe from the taxi ride from the airport to our hotel. Everywhere you looked there was construction going on because of the recent hurricane that hit before we came. There were no rules to the driving and at…

The Mystery behind the (eggplant pic)

  I know its happened to you, you opened your Facebook messenger or maybe it was kindly dropped in your DM like a gift and there it was a giant or tiny dick right in your face. I know many girls who have discovered the feeling of blah. The awkwardness in your head like “why…

Vibin’ Emoji

On the App Store for all the weed enthusiast, is Vibin’ Emoji. A third party sticker app filled with 65 free all weed based fun. Not only that but also included are 6 saying based stickers from our most loved sayings. Now added are two packages. You can now have even more fun with the…