French Polynesia

For my travels to Tahiti I decided to head to the island of Bora Bora. I can honestly say it lives up to its incredible name. The sand is the whitest and the water is the clearest, but best of all the life under the water is exquisite. I couldn’t believe all the colors that where swimming under there. I took the boat to my hotel The Conrad as soon as I arrived, and cannot say enough about the hospitality and beauty of this location.

Day 1: I spent relaxing by the pool, and swimming in the ocean. Its a very relaxing place and as a solo traveler I did feel like coming here with a loved one would be a lot more of what Bora Bora is which is a place to really just relax and enjoy the company of your significant other.

Day 2: Was much of the same, but I decided to check out the small town of Bora Bora. (which you have to take a boat to.) Most of the hotels in bora bora are much of the same. They are either on secluded areas of the island or on smaller islands right off. There wasn’t much to the town, unless you want to buy pearls. I did end up getting a very beautiful pair of green ones.

Day 3: This was by far my favorite day. I went out by boat with my guide and swam with sharks, mantas and schools if fish. This was by far one of the best days of my life. A mark off the bucket list of things to do. If you get the chance to do this please do. Its magical.

Day 4: I headed back to Papeete, Tahiti where I spent one night relaxing by the pool before taking off to Bali.



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