Do you want to create your own Emoji/Sticker App? And make money why you sleep?

Growing up with little money I knew I would want something very different for my future. So I did what I needed to do by investing my money into things that would make me money why I slept. Let me tell you it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

Now that i’m at this place in my life, I want you to be here too. Plus how crazy cool is it to have an app on the APPLE market. Anything from a passion to just hey an idea can be created and transformed into something that others might love just as much as you do; so why not make money sharing it?

Im not here to sell you on anything. just to give the facts, so here they go.

  • Today 78% of the most profitable apps are sticker packs
  • Did you know there was a sticker app that made 34,000$ in 10 days? (well now you. do.)
  • only 7% of the top grossing apps are free apps. The other 93% are paid apps around 0.99$
  • My App Vibin has been number one for “weed emoji” keyword for the last two years. With over 100 reviews from all over the world. Bringing in anywhere from 30-100$ a day. (while i’m sleeping)
  • I now have 3 sticker/emoji apps on the market. Find my apps by searching my name. Michelle Blair
  • I invested over 6000$ creating my first app. I don’t want that to be you.



Have any questions? I hope so. Comment below with your email address or email me! Lets get started.


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