Do you want to create your own Emoji/Sticker App? And make money why you sleep?

Growing up with little money I knew I would want something very different for my future. So I did what I needed to do by investing my money into things that would make me money why I slept. Let me tell you it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

Now that i’m at this place in my life, I want you to be here too. Plus how crazy cool is it to have an app on the APPLE market. Anything from a passion to just hey an idea can be created and transformed into something that others might love just as much as you do; so why not make money sharing it?

Im not here to sell you on anything. just to give the facts, so here they go.

  • Today 78% of the most profitable apps are sticker packs
  • Did you know there was a sticker app that made 34,000$ in 10 days? (well now you. do.)
  • only 7% of the top grossing apps are free apps. The other 93% are paid apps around 0.99$
  • My App Vibin has been number one for “weed emoji” keyword for the last two years. With over 100 reviews from all over the world. Bringing in anywhere from 30-100$ a day. (while i’m sleeping)
  • I now have 3 sticker/emoji apps on the market. Find my apps by searching my name. Michelle Blair
  • I invested over 6000$ creating my first app. I don’t want that to be you.



  • So im offering to be your hands on mentor in creating you first emoji / sticker app. below are the packages i’m offering.
  • I will help you get your developer account setup with apple. This is a 99$ a year investment. I will then get your designs turned into emoji/ stickers. You do not need a design or anything drawn up. Just basically say a grape crying and I will get something created for you. I will offer 2 revisions in this package. So if my designer creates something you don’t like we will get it redone. I will also get the coding done  to turn it into a sticker/emoji app. This package also include help with keywords and screenshots for your app. Once its fully created I will then transfer the app over to your developer account, and walla the app is done and yours for the downloading. base price for all this 1200$
  • If you would like help with building your social media for your app so you can run Facebook ads for downloads (I will help you create ads and run them.) This will be an additional 1000$

Are these numbers too high for you? Well then I can do even better, I will do milestone payments.

first payment to build get your developer account (you will make this but I will lead you) So this is 99$ + half payment to create app of 600$

Once the app is complete I will request the other 600$ before I send it over to your developer account. Let me help you help yourself become an investor and work from anywhere in the world.

Have any questions? I hope so. Comment below with your email address or email me! Lets get started.


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