⇓If you are known to my blog you have probably already read my post “app investing, is it for you?” If you haven’t please go back and read it. It will tell you more about what I’m about to offer.

To show you whats possible with a little or a lot of hard work, I have written a short book that will help you dabble in the App world. I open up about all my secrets. This will be one of two books as I move farther into the app world. I will be spending thousands of dollars to get a mentor to take that next step into the app industry, but will be offering you guys insights for much less.

Here are some of the things you will learn when you read it:

  1. How to be an entrepreneur.
  2. Who to hire and how to hire.
  3. What ad sites are available.
  4. How to buy apps and RESKIN them as yours!
  5. Plus much more.

This is a short 14 page book but I share with you what you need to know. When you finish and you feel like you need more hands on help. Let me know. I’m offering hourly consulting for people truly interested in investing this way.

So to learn how I make an extra 500-1000$ a month click below ⇓

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