Morocco – Traveling Treasures!

Recently I was in Morocco and I fell in love. We arrived at night and right away you can see the culture from the car ride back to our Riad. We arrived in our Riad to a delish Moroccan dinner and the famous mint tea. (must try)

Day 2 we decided to go out with a guide since we weren’t sure what to expect or what we NEEDED to see. We roamed the whole day getting lost in the souks, eating traditions Moroccan food, getting henna in the square where snakes sat on the ground. We arrived back at our Riad tired and ready for dinner. The next day we were leaving for the Sahara desert to explore how the sand people live and ride camels to our tents for the night where we camped out with music by the fire and a great meal.

When we arrived back in Marrakech we booked a Hamman which is there traditional spa like experience. Its definitely a must if you plan to visit Morocco. upon entering the warm room you strip down, a lady then comes in and washes you from head to toe with black African soup. she then start to exfoliate your entire body, she even washed my hair. I can say its been years since anyone has washed my body like that and I didn’t mind one bit. After our massages were over we went and crashed and waited for dinner.

Day 4/5 we attended the YSL Museum which was amazing and we spent roaming all around the souks which is where I found the most amazing products. I highly suggest indulging full on into this culture. Be open minded of new foods, people and places. The beauty that lives in this city is amazing.





All these products are hand made, all leather and have all natural dyes. I brought some to California for any other person loving the Moroccan feels. These products will be shipped out of Napa, CA. You can also find more out about these products in the shop section above! (:


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